Charterhouse of Calci

Charterhouse of Calci

A photo of the Certosa building would be enough to make anyone wish to visit this marvel, no one excluded!

It is a Carthusian monastery, founded in 1366, but marvelously remodeled during the 1600s. I say marvelously because inside its rooms, including the church, we find the celebration of beauty and art.

You may ask: “How it is possible? It is a Carthusian monastery. Are not those monks who retire all their lives long in isolation, who cannot have contact with the rest of the world, who spend their days in total silence, who die in absolute anonymity? How is it possible that they surrounded themselves with so much color, exuberance figurative, architectural refinement and splendor?

Would you like to come with me and find out how it is happened?

⦁ Meeting point: in front of the entrance of Charterhouse

⦁ Duration: 3 hours
⦁ Suitable for families and groups
⦁ Option to “customize the tour”.
⦁ What is included: earphones
⦁ What is not included: entrance ticket (bought in advance by the guide)
⦁ For any information please fill in the Contact form or write to, we’ll reply as soon as possible.