Porto Venere and the Gulf of Poets (Golfo dei Poeti)

Is it really its name?! Gulf of poets?! How come?
Actuallly, its real name on the map is simply Golfo della Spezia.

And for us Italians it is not immediately linked to a place full of charm, i’d say not. La Spezia is famous for its military tradition, no poets!
But, just before that the Prime minister in 1861 Camillo Benso Count of Cavour decided the military fate of this area, the Gulf exerted a very strong fascination on a whole host of inspired poets and writers.

In the past, many poets such as Lord Byron, spouses Percy Besshe Shelley and Mary Shelley, writers as George Sand, H.D Laurence, Virgina Wolf and others, have chosen these places to find inspiration and have spent there long and repeated stays.
How to blame them. Even today, despite the presence of a city with its important industrial area, the Gulf is truly an incredibly beautiful place. Porto Venere, with the small archipelago and the Palmaria Regional Natural Park right in front, Lerici and Tellaro, listed among the most beautiful villages in Italy and then Sarzana, just behind the Promontory of the Montemarcello Regional Park, a small town with high historical contents.

So, let’s our discovery get started

Porto Venere Tour

Visit of Porto Venere and tour of Palmaria Archipelago Island

Trekking in Palmaria Island

Tour Lerici – Tellaro (+ boat)

Walking tour La Spezia with tasting

Walking tour Sarzana

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