Walking tour Sarzana

Walking tour Sarzana

Still quite “cut off” from the mass tourism circuits, Sarzana is a town full of surprises.

It was Built along the Via Francigena, a pilgrimage route but also a very important commercial artery. Sarzana has always maintained a certain autonomy as a borderland between the two rival maritime Republics, Genoa and Pisa. Later on it was object of special attention by Lorenzo de ‘Medici who left it two Renaissance fortresses. The Bonaparte family had been closely linked to this pleasant passing town and Mazzini (Italy indipendency-leader) here found its most radical followers, especially among the ranks of priest.

His theater was built on the ruins of a centuries-old and powerful Dominican convent, not for nothing is it called the Theater of “fearless” and moreover the humanist pope who founded the Vatican library in Rome was from Sarzana. A imposing cathedral housing two unique treasures, is its symbol.
But I can’t tell you everything, I have to stop here because there is still more … what are you waiting for coming?

There will be stops for photos, curiosities and an ice cream or coffee offered by the Guide! 

  • Meeting point: Piazza San Giorgio
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Suitable for: families and groups
  • Option to “customize” the tour
  • included: earphones
  • not included: museum entrance tickets if planned (pre-purchased from the Guide)
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