The Miracle Square

THE MIRACLE SQUARE: visit of the Cathedral + 1 monument between Baptistery/Camposanto/ Sinopie Museum/ Opera del Duomo Museum

Four , white, imposing monuments on a green wide meadow, the visual impact is strong and astonish! One of the most concentrate of art and history in Italy, the visit of Miracle square is unmissable in the own life experiences, mainly after fully descriptions and explanations of your guide… which is still the only way to open our eyes, to live a deep emotion, because monuments start to be significant, to tell you incredible stories. Yes man, because when a city as Florence was still a little village among others, Pisa teemed of different ethnicities, coming from all Mediterranean area, it was as an international marketplace in the same prominence as New York today and all its richness had been displayed here in the center of religious and civil power.

We will visit the Cathedral, full of grace outside as well as of passion inside. Then one of the monuments standing out around, the Baptistery or the Camposanto, with its cycle of fourteenth-century frescoes, or the Opera del Duomo Museum or Sinopie Museum which is like going behind the scenes of a theater and discovering the secrets of this magnificent scenography.

Finally the Tower! The real miracle! Eight hundred years of leaning?? Its mistery will be revealed!
Pics -stops, curiosities and coffee(or ice-cream)-stop, offered by the guide … are ever-present!

  • Meeting point: in the corner between Leaning tower and Opera del Duomo Museum entrance
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Suitable for: families and groups
  • Option for a “tailor-made” tour
  • Included: earphones
  • Not included: monuments ticket (bought in advance by the Guide).
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