Viareggio and its Carnival

Viareggio and its Carnival

Now known internationally, Carnival is fully-fledged part of the Italian and above all Tuscan creative flair. Born in 1873 on the initiative of a group of young people from Viareggio, it grew in size and popularity year after year improving the event more and more: larger floats were created with the help of technical devices mainly the invention of papier-mâché and music and songs were added from 1921.

Its resonance went beyond territorial borders thanks to a cutting-edge advertising choice such as the dedicated magazine and above all the Burlamacco logo, the symbolic mask of the Carnival.

Finally, from the 60s with the increasing visibility due to Rai and Eurovision broadcasts, the Carnival takes on the role of authoritative interpreter of the trends, vices and virtues of contemporaneity.

Viareggio has poured its anarchist tradition into the characterization of allegorical floats. Ù
His Carnival stands out for its critical spirit, typical of the Tuscan tradition, for the wit with which it “unmasks” the barkers of all times in order to defend the truth and reveal it to its spectators.

Our visit takes place along the entire seafront, where the latest evidence of Liberty architecture tells us about the “belle epoque” of Viareggio from the early 1900s. In that period the whole Versilia flourished as a holiday and health resort, attended by the European élite.
Today it maintains its attractiveness, especially as a renowned seaside resort.

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