Walking tour + museum

WALKING TOUR + MUSEUM to choose between: Museum of Ancient Ships, Royal Palace Museum, Botanical Garden – Palazzo Blu – Museum of San Matteo.

Here you are a tour designed for those who love museums, for those who love to get lost in the rooms full of history and beauty! Yes, we are dreamy people!
Our tour starts with a walk: we leave from Miracles square to enter the heart of Pisa city center and we tell its History, or rather the history concerning the museum we are going to visit. And, in order to take away any doubt, it must be said that the museums in Pisa have national relevance so any choice will still be the best choice.

The Museum of Ancient Ships was the last to be established. Nowadays it is an excellence of international resonance for the items found during a completely fortuitous excavation that brought to light about thirty Roman boats and thousands of fragments of pottery, glass, metal and traces of organic materials. The museum has also a university level relevance in the field of the restoration of wet wood. http://www.navidipisa.it

The National Museum of Royal Palace, commissioned by Francesco I De ‘Medici, hosts a very rich historical and artistic items which covers a wide span of the history of Pisa, as well as of its sovereigns, the Medici, the Habsburg Lorraine and the Savoy. And still unique documents relating to the equipment of the Duomo, as well as precious collections of paintings, lithographs, sculptures.

The Botanical Garden, commissioned by Cosimo de ‘Medici, in 1543, the first in Europe, rich in botanical curiosities, specimens of centuries-old plants, scientific research methods dating back to the seventeenth, is a tour currently in great demand even by an inexpert audience. https://www.ortomuseobot.sma.unipi.it/

Palazzo Blu, known throughout Europe for the important art exhibitions hosted in the last twenty years (Warhol, Dalì, Futurism), hosts a valuable collections of works from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century by authors such as Benozzo Gozzoli, Artemisia Gentileschi, Bronzino, Aurelio Lomi, Tempesti and the furniture of the historic nineteenth-century dwelling. https://palazzoblu.it/

Finally, the National Museum of San Matteo, for lovers of sacred art! It houses the most important collection in Europe of painted crosses accompanied by a valuable representation of painted panels with a gold background, polyptychs (Simone Martini, Francesco Traini, Beato Angelico, Masaccio). And again the medieval islamic ceramics, a unique case in the history of the Mediterranean and Europe.

There will be stops for photos, curiosities and an ice cream or coffee offered by the Guide!

⦁ Meeting point: at the Leaning Tower in front of the entrance to the Opera del Duomo Museum
⦁ Duration: 3 hours
⦁ Suitable for: families and groups
⦁ Option to “customize the tour”.
⦁ What is included: earphones
⦁ What is excluded: museum’s entrance tickets (bought in advance by the Guide)
⦁ For any information please fill the Contact form or write to info@italyhappens.com, we’ll reply as soon as possible.